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Wheres Jack Sprrow?

I noticed the crab house burned down. I am concearned for his safety.


THe D'namou thing is bad, don't trust her. She only got you in deep trouble the last time you hung with her.
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Bored freeling bored and wanna go bowling. That was a fun thing to do on Earth.
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according to our Drds something found our cave. Some blond haired girl with a funny run. Nothing was missing but our technology was examined.
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I need something to do. The garden is now flourishing and I am frelling bored. Not enough monsters to play with either.
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Happy... E-star? Is that it?
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I was watching Tv. This saddler guy is interesting. Very intelligent and seems to know so much about humanity. he has some interesting ideas. We do need to be more social. Connections and learning are good things.

I never thought of sex that way either. It is true though being connected is a great thing. Xev and I have a connection , but we are just an extraterrestial social club. We need to expand.

Self empowerment, the guy gave me alot to think about. I usually live for the moment.
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Okay we have been growing gavrok. It is a medicinal herb from my universe. So us alien girls have been busy. The DRDS have also finally fixed the protein regenerator. Then started to build another, from the supplies they could find. So we are on our way to deliver the working one. This should help with the wounds and injuries much much faster. So we are exiting our cave to make some deliveries. I hoped they would be done before the holidays. We would put a pretty bow on them.

So blood samples, frell, I'll come in for that. However it is not red. The Nabari race has a good immune system as well.
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I just got out of the underground. They breed in huge numbers it seems. We killed at least twenty of them. They don't relent, they don't stop. It was kill or die. Where is everybody?

Juno is hurt , bad claw marks on her. The breeding area is located. One problem it is under the church. Who knew there was a double underground area. Juno thinks there is possibly more but the crawlers like this spot. They got a good vantage point. The sulfuric gas in a nearby tunnel kept me from blasting in. It would have crushed all of us. The mines can be reached from down here as well.
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Hay anybody see where John Crieghton went to? Oh and I got to go get food. I'm frelling hungry.
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To many monsters, well if I just blast the ones in the way I'll be okay. Frell I am bored and I miss D'argo. I have not seen John either. So Mulder is a Dog a zombie dog, how that happen? The universe is way to chaotic at times.
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